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Half Marathon Round 2 – Training Plan and Goals

Hi everyone! Happy Friday!!

I wanted to share my goals and training plan for the Seashore Half Marathon this April.

I was really happy with the result of my first half marathon, but there are a few things I want to do differently this time around.

First, I would ideally like to run this half marathon in under two hours. I am not exactly sure how attainable that goal is though because I finished the last one in 2 hours and 27 minutes. There were other factors like extreme heat and humidity, so I’m hoping the weather will be better this time around.

Therefore, my attainable goal (hopefully) for this marathon is to run it in 2 hours and 10-15 minutes. My mega goal will still be to run it under two hours, but if this doesn’t happen I’ll understand!

To meet my goal of running faster I am using a slightly different training plan that incorporates speed work. I am also running all the way up to 12 miles this time. Last time I only ran up to 10, which was fine, but I’d rather not tack on 3.1 miles on race day!

Half Marathon January

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Goals for 2014

Hi everyone!! Happy New Year!! Sorry that I’m a little late on my 2014 goals — this has been a busy first week back at school! I am taking some really interesting classes this semester though so I am excited about that!! I also turned in the first draft of a major paper I am writing this semester. Needless to say, I am happy that it’s Friday!!

I wanted to talk to you all a little about my goals for this year – specifically running goals!  After running the Rock ‘n’ Roll half marathon I mentioned that I had a desire to run another half marathon.


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Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon: Race Recap

Happy Friday!! As promised today I have a recap of my first half marathon that I ran in Virginia Beach this past Sunday.

On Saturday night, Chris and I made smoothies to drink in the morning since we were waking up at 4 AM. We combined a banana, strawberry yogurt, a single serving vanilla protein drink, frozen blueberries, a few frozen strawberries, and a handful of frozen peaches. We blended and stored it in the fridge overnight. Bedtime came early– about 10:30.

After my alarm went off at 4, I threw on my running clothes and ran downstairs to finish off the smoothies. I poured them into glasses and added probably a tablespoon of chia seeds to each glass (thanks Carter for bringing us chia seeds!!). We gulped the smoothies down while we made sure we had everything. We grabbed our bibs, connected our shoe tracking chips, and I packed my Camelbak. I debated bringing the Camelbak, but I was so happy to have it for extra water in between stations and to hold my phone, ID, and a little bit of “emergency cash.”



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The Half Marathon Decision

Hi guys!! I have some very exciting news to share with you today! This Labor Day Weekend I will be running my first half marathon, the VA Beach Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon!!!! I am superduper excited and have my first two weeks of training under my belt.

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