Weekend Snapshots January 31- February 2, 2014

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a nice weekend. I had a busy and fun weekend – one of those weekends that I am still catching up from this morning!

I had the second submission of a big paper I am writing this semester due on Friday. I turned it in around seven and was glad to have it off my plate for at least a few days!

After I turned in my paper, Chris and I headed to Glover Park to celebrate Chris’ friend Reilly’s 29th birthday! We went to he and his wife’s house for appetizers and then headed to Heist in Dupont Circle to continue the fun. It was a great night!


On Saturday morning Chris and I hit up one of our favorite haunts for breakfast – Brooklyn Bagel. I got a Jalapeño Cheddar bagel with melted cheddar cheese. It was awesome!! I wasn’t in the mood for eggs or meat and this really hit the spot. The jalapeño bagel has a subtle heat when you bite into it that catches up with you!

After breakfast, Chris headed to the driving range with his friends and I ran a ton of errands and got a little bit of work done.

20140203-084606.jpgOn Saturday night, we went to Le Diplomate for dinner. I HIGHLY recommend this restaurant to anyone in the DC area. It was awesome! Don’t let my sub-par pictures fool you!

While we waited for a table we split an awesome tray of fresh eat coast oysters. There was a nice mix of large and small oysters, which was good for me because I like mine on the smaller side. They also came with red wine vinegar, which is my favorite oyster condiment!

20140203-084618.jpgChris and I were pretty hungry so we split a HUGE Macaroni Au Gratin appetizer. It was really, really good from the crunchy top to the delicious rich cheese sauce. This could have easily been split between four people!

20140203-084641.jpgI decided to order the Beef Bourguignon as my entree. I had never had Beef Bourguignon and I knew I wouldn’t be let down after the high quality of our first two dishes. I was right! This had an amazing flavor and the beef was incredibly tender. The mashed potatoes were great too! I would definitely order it again.

20140203-084654.jpgWe decided to go all out and order dessert as well. Being the chocolate lover that I am, I decided to go with the Dark Chocolate Napoleon. This was really good too! I didn’t need any more food at this point, but the napoleon was super delicate and not too heavy after all of my other heavy food. The ice cream was a nice touch too!

After dinner we headed home with full bellies and headed to bed not long after!

Sunday was another busy day! I spent most of the morning reading to get ready for the week.

20140203-084715.jpgAround 3, Chris and I headed out for our six mile training run. We set out on the Mount Vernon trail and were treated to nearly 60 degree temperatures and gorgeous views of the Potomac! I loved it!

20140203-084736.jpgChris says two thumbs up!! 🙂

After our run we packed up and headed to Chris’ friend Richard’s house for the Super Bowl. I brought a veggie tray, homemade hummus, and brownies. The brownies were a hit and the vegetable tray went over pretty well too!

I was happy to see the Seahawks win even if it wasn’t a very climatic game! After the game we headed home and I made coffee and lunches for the next day before hitting the hay!

Now off to another busy week!  I hope you have a great Monday!

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One response to “Weekend Snapshots January 31- February 2, 2014

  1. Chelsea Eats Treats

    Ah I love Le Diplomate but I haven’t been there since early fall. I need to go back asap! Also I’m so jealous you guys got to enjoy the lovely weather this weekend- being stuck inside with a nasty cold was no fun. Hopefully more beautiful weather will come soon!! (But obviously not today. Ugh).

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