Weekend Snapshots January 24-26, 2014

Hi everyone! I hope you had a nice weekend! I had a nice Friday night and Saturday, but unfortunately came down with something on Saturday night. Let’s get to it!

On Friday, Chris and I met some friends at BreadSoda in Glover Park. BreadSoda usually isn’t my favorite because its kind of dark (it is underground), but I had a great time on Friday!! We spent the evening chatting and I was in bed by midnight. Perfect evening!


I spent Saturday looking for a summer job and doing some homework – fun stuff! I had some of my white chicken chili for lunch. I almost forgot to snap a picture so here is my half eaten bowl ;).

20140127-071336.jpgA little later in the day I decided to go ahead and get my long run out of the way for the weekend. I did five miles on the treadmill and they felt surprisingly good! I wish I could have done them outside, but it was dark by the time I decided to run so I settled for the treadmill instead.

Chris and I were craving sushi and decided to get delivery from Cafe Asia. Before dinner arrived I heated up some edamame – I was starving from my run! I like to keep bags of shelled edamame in the freezer. It is packed with protein and the bags are only two dollars!

20140127-071346.jpgChris and I ordered a vegetable roll, a spider roll, a Tiger Skin roll, a Chesapeake Bay roll (my favorite), and a Firecracker roll.

It was delicious, but unfortunately about 45 minutes later I became violently ill. I don’t know if it was just a bug or if it was food poisoning. Either way it was not fun. Chris went out and got some Gatorade and medicine to help me get back on my feet. I fell asleep a few hours after downing the medicine. I’m okay now, but I don’t think I’ll be eating sushi again anytime soon. I am so glad I got my long run in for the week before I got sick!

20140127-071359.jpgI woke up on Sunday and was terrified to eat anything too heavy. So here’s what Chris had! I had dry toast. Chris had a ham, egg, and grilled cheese sandwich – one of my specialties! He said it was great.

I spent Sunday doing laundry and working. Sometimes it is nice to have a quiet and productive weekend!

20140127-071422.jpgIn the afternoon I wanted to try to eat something besides toast so I cooked brown rice in chicken broth. I always cook rice and quinoa in chicken broth – it is so much better! My rice hit the spot! It was served with a side of Food and Drug Law reading.

20140127-071431.jpgFor dinner, I made a big pot of quinoa and roasted some butternut squash. I read that butternut squash was easy to digest so I thought that would be a good idea on my iffy stomach. I also made pork chops so Chris could have one – we’re having the other two tonight!

I served my quinoa and butternut squash with some homemade hummus and a little greek yogurt so I could try to get some good bacteria in my stomach. I was happy that this meal agreed with me!

Chris and I spent the rest of the night watching the Grammys and our new addiction – True Detective! Have you all watched True Detective yet? It is great!

I have a super busy week ahead so I better get to it!! I hope you all have a great week and a great weekend if I don’t get back to you before then! Don’t forget about my Buffalo Chicken Meatballs if you need an appetizer for the Super Bowl!

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