Weekend Snapshots January 17-20, 2014

Hi everyone!! Sorry my post is a little delayed today. I wanted to get to the grocery store early this morning before the snow hits DC. So far the sky is just a lovely shade of gray.

I hope you had a nice holiday weekend! I headed home to Delaware this weekend to spend some quality time with my mom and dad. We had quite the weekend!!


On Friday afternoon, my mom and I headed to downtown Rehoboth to do some shopping for my upcoming birthday. We needed to fuel up first!

We decided to try Pig & Fish, which is right on Rehoboth Ave. It was awesome!! Mom and I decided to both order soup and to split a sandwich. My mom tried their butternut squash soup, which was topped with lump crabmeat. It was really good!

20140120-205855.jpgI had the pork and white bean soup, which was amazing!! It reminded me of white chicken chili, but with pork instead. It had an awesome flavor and I would definitely order it again.

20140120-205904.jpgMom and I were going to split a mushroom flatbread pizza, but our waiter talked us into the brisket sandwich. We were not disappointed!!! This sandwich was so good! The brisket was cut very thin – almost like a cheesesteak. It was topped with cheese, fried onions, and some sautéed spinach. I gave it two thumbs up and would also definitely order it again as well! The skinny fries and thick pickle were also fantastic!

After lunch, mom and I headed out and got some birthday goodies for me! I even got fitted for new running shoes! I was tossing around the idea of getting fitted on Friday morning and I decided to give it a shot. Mom and I went to the Rehoboth Beach Running Company and received excellent service from Bill. He took his time with me and found the perfect shoes to make sure I make it through my next half marathon injury-free. Apparently I underpronate on my left foot. Who knew!

After shopping, mom and I saw August: Osage County. I really enjoyed the movie and Meryl Strep did a fantastic job. That said, I would not recommend the movie unless you are ready for a serious and depressing two hours!

20140120-205912.jpgAfter the movie, mom and I did a little bit more shopping and then headed home. We had some of my mom’s delicious homemade chili for dinner.  Later that night my mom, dad, and I watched Safe Haven. We all enjoyed it, but it is definitely a tear jerker!! My mom and I had both read the book and I really enjoyed the movie as well!

20140120-205920.jpgOn Saturday morning I headed out for a run in my new gear!! I got some cold running gear for my birthday and my parents were nice enough to let me have it as an early birthday present since I am now in training for the Seashore Classic.

20140120-205928.jpgI covered 5.3 miles around our development in the wind. My new gear felt pretty great though!! Much better than what I wearing before. I wanted to make sure I got in some miles to honor Meg Cross Menzies, a mother of three who was tragically killed this two Mondays ago outside of Richmond while training for the Boston Marathon.

20140120-205935.jpgAfter my run, I did a little school work before my mom, dad, and I headed down to Ocean City. We stopped for lunch at Liquid Assets, which is one of my favorite Ocean City restaurants.

We started off with a cheese board that included the Cabot Clothbound Cheddar, the 5 Year Aged Gouda, and the Pierre Robert Brie. The Pierre Robert is always my favorite, but the others are awesome as well! The cheeseboards at Liquid Assets are always a work of art and this one was no different! I need to work on my apple and pear starbursts!

20140120-205943.jpgI had the pick two for lunch and decided on the roasted vegetables and the pulled pork open-faced sandwich. I get this almost every time I go! I love the roasted vegetables, especially the roasted garlic cloves, and the pork has a really understated heat that is incredible!

20140120-205950.jpgAfter lunch, we headed down to my mom’s family condo and unpacked for the night. A little later we headed to Fager’s Island for dinner. My mom and I were both freezing from the walk over so we both started off with a bowl of their french onion soup. The french onion soup is SO GOOD at Fager’s! It might be the best in town!

20140120-205957.jpgFor dinner, I branched out and tried something new! The fried oyster and crabcake combo! This was awesome!! The crabcake was great and the oysters were breaded very lightly and had a great flavor. I had a hard time finishing it off, but luckily my dad was able to help me out with a couple of the oysters! We stayed and listened to the band for awhile after dinner before heading home to bed!

20140120-210005.jpgOn Sunday morning we decided to head back to Fager’s for its jazz brunch. Fager’s has an awesome musician that plays the saxophone (among other instruments) and also sings!

I decided to try the frittata for breakfast. I really enjoyed the frittata – it was covered in cheese and had a ton of ham and peppers mixed in. It was really filling and I could barely finish it. I definitely couldn’t finish the potatoes, but I didn’t let that french baguette go to waste!

20140120-210014.jpgOn Sunday afternoon, we headed to Dead Freddies to watch the football playoffs. Dead Freddies has 30 HD TVs and a projector – so it is definitely a great spot to watch football!!

My mom, dad, and I decided to split a few appetizers. First up was the crab dip! It was great! Apparently you can get it topped with more lump crabmeat, but the restaurant was so busy on Saturday that they were out. It was good without it though!

20140120-210024.jpgWe also tried the crab fritters which were tempura battered crab balls. They were served with a spicy aioli and were delicious! I think this was my favorite appetizer. The fritters were full of crab and were super light thanks to the tempura breading. We also tried the chicken tenders a little later which were also battered in tempura. They were great as well!

20140120-210033.jpgAfter cheering on the Broncos to a win and watching the first half of the Seahawks game we headed back to the condo. My dad walked across the street to pick up cheesy bread and a pizza from Johnny’s Pizza to eat for dinner during the end of the Seahawks game and Downton Abbey. The cheesy bread was delicious and I was happy to see that the Seahawks won!!

20140120-210042.jpgOn Monday morning, my mom and I packed up the condo and then stopped for breakfast on our way home. We decided to have breakfast at the Sea Bay Cafe right before the Rt. 90 bridge. I decided on one more splurge meal – the sweet potato waffle. It was really good! It usually comes topped with whipped cream, but I opted just for the pecans and brown sugar sans whipped cream. It was really good and stuck with me a little longer than the average waffle.

20140120-210056.jpgAfter a long drive home, I knocked out some work and laundry. I also whipped up some buffalo chicken dip for Chris and I because my mom was kind enough to send the ingredients back with me! Chris and I spent the rest of the day getting caught up and prepared for the week ahead. We enjoyed some more of my mom’s chili for dinner!

Thanks to my mom and dad for such a wonderful weekend! It was a blast and I’m sad it was over so quickly! I’m looking forward to kicking off my half marathon training this week and to hopefully work off some of the delicious meals we had this past weekend.

I hope you have an awesome week!

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