Weekend Snapshots October 18-20, 2013

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a nice weekend! I am finally going back to my externship today, yay!! Before I head back though, I want to tell you all about my weekend!

On Friday, I met up with my mom and some of her friends for dinner at Circa in Clarendon. We decided to split a bunch of small plates consisting of: calamari, a cheese board, lobster ravioli, filet sliders, and a wild mushroom flatbread. I think the wild mushroom flatbread was my favorite! I didn’t take any pictures because it was super dark in the restaurant.

After dinner, we walked over to RiRa and listened to an awesome band named Slamm. I was having so much fun listening to the band that I recruited some friends to come join me at the bar so they could enjoy the awesomeness. If you get a chance to check out Slamm you definitely should. They mix up the lead singer depending on what type of song they are singing.


On Saturday morning I headed to a yoga class with my friend Lauren. We went to a class at Yoga District in Glover Park. It was pretty reasonably priced and I enjoyed the class. I will definitely be back! I could tell it had been awhile since I’d done yoga, my muscles were tight and my balance was not great.

After the class ended Lauren and I walked over to the Glover Park farmer’s market. I picked up a few apples and Lauren got some apples and a really cute print by a local artist. I might have to go back and get a print. They were perfect for the kitchen and I’d love to support a local artist.

20131020-193853.jpgOn my walk back to my car, I saw this gorgeous fall tree and I had to share! Love fall foliage! I spent the rest of the day doing work and relaxing with Chris.

20131020-193842.jpgAround 5, I headed down the street to grab dinner at Chipotle. I splurged on the sour cream!

20131020-193830.jpgOn Sunday morning, Chris, my brother, sister-in-law, and I met up with my mom and her friends at the Boulevard Woodgrill in Clarendon for brunch. I love going to the Woodgrill for brunch! I had to get my favorite french toast and most of the party decided to get it as well. Everyone loved it! It is crusted in cornflakes and is just beyond delicious. I’m not a huge french toast fan, but I end up ordering this almost every time I have brunch at the Woodgrill.

Chris and I headed to the grocery store after brunch and then I spent the rest of the day watching football and doing work. Yay for a last minute Redskins win!!!

20131020-193819.jpgI made my mom’s pot roast in the crock pot for dinner. I LOVE this dinner and I am excited to have leftovers for dinner before class tonight.

After dinner Chris and I watched the Walking Dead. What did you all think of this week’s episode? So many cliffhangers!! I can’t wait until next week!

Well, I better get to it now that I’m finally allowed to be back at work! I hope you all have a great week!

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  1. Ahh I’ve had that wild mushroom flatbread before and it is delicious!! I’ve never been to the Woodgrill so I’ll have to check it out! And yay for the Redskins!!

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