Weekend Snapshots October 4-6, 2013

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had a nice weekend! My parents came into town to visit and I dog sat for my brother and sister-in-law — quite the weekend!!


Izzie came over for the weekend on Wednesday night. Isn’t she precious!? She was a little nervous when her parents left, but she quickly rebounded!

20131006-204417.jpgOn Friday night, Chris, my parents, and I had dinner at Quarterdeck in Arlington. Quarterdeck is known for its hard crabs, but we opted to just have a regular dinner. I had a crabcake combo with grilled shrimp. The shrimp were cooked over a wood-fire grill and you could taste the wood-fire flavor! The crabcake was also excellent! It was completely full of crabmeat and didn’t have any filler. I rounded out this meal with super sweet corn on the cob and broccoli. This was an awesome dinner!! Quarterdeck has a great character, and is in a nice, quiet location next to Fort Myer. Check it out the next time you’re in the mood for seafood!

20131006-204357.jpgOn Saturday morning, my parents headed to a house tour and I got some school work done at home. Around 2, Chris and I went for a 4 mile run and then realized that we were starving! We split an assortment of Quarterdeck leftovers for lunch. Onion rings, broccoli, and more crabcake! This really hit the spot!

20131006-204346.jpgMy parents returned around 4:30 and we had a nice little happy hour at the house. We had two different types of cheddar cheese and pepper jack along with crackers, grapes, peanuts, and a honeycrisp apple. My parents had never had a honeycrisp apple, so I insisted that the experience its deliciousness! They loved it!

20131006-204317.jpgAfter happy hour, we headed over to the Georgetown Waterfront to enjoy the summer-like weather! We had dinner reservations at Farmers, Fishers, Bakers, so we headed inside at 8. To start our meal off, we tried the pretzels. They were awesome! I liked that there were multiple sauces to choose from – pimento cheese, onion dip, or honey mustard. The pimento cheese was my favorite!

20131006-204251.jpgI had the “Mad Pig” jambalaya for my entrée. Oh my goodness this was good!! It was chock-full of pork! It had bacon, pulled pork, andouille sausage, and pork belly all cooked up in a perfectly seasoned rice. I would highly recommend this entrée if you are a pork fan! I gave out multiple bites and everyone gave it two thumbs up!

20131006-204238.jpgWe splurged on dessert and split the beignets which were served with a choice of chocolate, raspberry, or caramel dipping sauce. The caramel was my favorite! These were awesome again – so soft and warm on the inside.

20131006-204229.jpgWe also split the peanut butter mousse pie. OH MY GOSH this was so good! I love peanut butter and chocolate, and this dessert really knocked my socks off. This pie was made up of peanuts in a caramel-like sauce, peanut butter mousse, chocolate, all on a graham cracker crust. It almost reminded me of a really awesome Snickers pie. This is is MUST TRY if you hit up Farmers and Fishers! I wish I was eating a slice right now!

20131006-204518.jpgWe were pretty exhausted after our big meal and headed home shortly after. Izzie agreed that it was bedtime.

20131006-204216.jpgI had an early morning training at law school, so we had breakfast at home. I had more of my favorite whipped banana oats in an effort to hold me through the afternoon.

20131006-204206.jpgI got home from my training around 2 and Izzie’s parents returned from their trip shortly after. We were sad to give Izzie back!!

After doing some cleaning, Chris and I had some low-carb chicken soup my mom brought us. We both really love this soup!! Thanks, Mom, it hit the spot!

20131006-204158.jpgI did some work during the afternoon and into the evening before surveying our refrigerator. I had two summer squash, a vidalia onion, one tomato, chicken in the freezer, and a butternut squash on the counter. I decided to make a “summer meets fall” dinner. We enjoyed roasted butternut squash and chicken cooked with the summer squash, tomato, and onion over rice. I wasn’t exactly sure how this would turn out, but it was actually great!! An awesome way to usher in fall while we’re still experiencing upper 80 degree temperatures!

I headed to bed shortly after dinner – I was exhausted from such a fun weekend!

Unfortunately, I cannot go to my internship again today, so I have to start figuring out an alternative plan to get my required hours. I’m off to plan! Keep your fingers crossed I’ll be able to return this week!!

Have a wonderful week everyone!

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