Weekend Snapshots September 13-15, 2013

Hi everyone! Happy Monday! I hope you all had a nice weekend! I had a super busy weekend in DC, leading up to an even busier Monday. Before we get Monday started off, lets reflect on the weekend!


On Friday night, Chris’ sister, brother-in-law, and niece came over to join us for dinner. Chris’ brother-in-law is interviewing at hospitals in the DC area, so we wanted to see them while they were in town. We ordered take out from Cafe Asia. I decided to switch things up this weekend and ordered the Yellow Curry. I really liked the yellow curry and would definitely order it again! I loved how many vegetables there were, it was much different than the noodle-heavy dish I also love!


Carter also brought me some fall decor! Thanks so much, Carter!! Above is a cute orange candle, which smells like a Magnolia in honor of their daughter Magnolia — aka Lia. She also brought me a black and orange candle holder – perfect for Halloween!


As if the candle wasn’t more than enough,  she also gave me a super cute fall tray too! It now has a home livening up our coffee table! I love my new fall decor!! I didn’t have many fall decorations, so I’m excited to be a little more in the spirit of the season!


I woke up early on Saturday to get a little work done and to go for a run since I knew I had a long day ahead! I had some peanut butter toast to get some running fuel in! Around 9:30 I headed out for a lovely 5 mile run around the Potomac. Gorgeous views the whole way and awesome brisk air! This put me in the perfect mood for a decadent Saturday brunch at Farmers, Fishers, Bakers.

20130915-224850.jpgWe went to brunch to celebrate my best friend Lauren’s birthday!! Happy Birthday, Lauren! The brunch was buffet-style and they also had servers bringing around additional items, like the awesome cinnamon roll above.  I could finished off a pan of the cinnamon rolls, but I made myself stop at one!

20130915-224857.jpgThey also brought around sushi on the cutest little serving plates. This was a California roll with some spicy mayo for dipping!

20130915-224904.jpgAfter enjoying a few of the carry-around items, I headed to the buffet. It was a little overwhelming if you can’t tell by my plate!! On my plate was a piece of roast beef, fried chicken, a meatball, lots of roasted veggies, strawberries, minted watermelon, cucumbers with dill, pimento cheese, and crabdip! WHOA! What a selection! Of course, I was only able to eat maybe half of this plate, but I did enjoy it! My favorites were the minted watermelon, roasted veggies, pimento cheese, and crabdip! Brunch was definitely good and awesome for a special occasion. I’m not sure that I would go just on a causal weekend, because the price tag is a bit high, but it was nice to go to celebrate such a special birthday!

20130915-224911.jpgAfter brunch, our group headed to Town Hall to watch college football. Here I am with the birthday girl!

20130915-224918.jpgWe headed out to the bar’s back deck to enjoy the gorgeous day. They were giving out free Redskins koozies– “Hall to the Redskins!” Unfortunately the koozies did not get us a win on Sunday…. Maybe next week!

Around 7, Chris and I headed home. I rented Admission on Amazon, but I didn’t love it. I seem to be striking out with movies recently. I had read the book and really enjoyed it, but the movie was not up to snuff. Oh well!

20130915-224938.jpgOn Sunday, I woke up and made whipped banana oatmeal to prepare for a long day of work! My friend Sarah came over at 11:30 to work on our argument for our Criminal Procedure class today. We are the defense counsel for a client and have to argue against the prosecution in front of our class from 9:00 to 10:00 tonight — eek! I think we are pretty well prepared though and hopefully will do well! Fingers crossed!

20130915-224945.jpgAfter Sarah left around 2, I heated up some leftovers Thursday night’s dinner. Tofu and White Bean Stir-fry! It was even better a few days later after the flavors had an opportunity to develop. I spent the rest of the afternoon outlining my reading for the week.

Around 5, I prepped lunches, prepped Monday night’s dinner, and made Sunday nights dinner! Lots of prep makes my week so much easier!

20130915-224950.jpgOn the dinner menu were Green Chile Fish Tacos, my favorite roasted vegetables, and an awesome new black bean recipe I plan on sharing with you all soon!

This dinner was delicious and left me full without feeling gross! A perfect way to end the weekend! Chris and I cleaned up, watched Breaking Bad, and then headed to bed not long after.

Now I’m off for a full day at my externship and a late night class tonight! Wish Sarah and I luck on our argument! Have an awesome week everyone!


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5 responses to “Weekend Snapshots September 13-15, 2013

  1. haha we rented Admission the other night with high hopes… also disappointed :(. i’ll have to try cafe asia — thanks for the recommendation!

    • Haha, too funny. It’s like Tina Fey, Paul Rudd, what could go wrong? Apparently a lot! Yes, you should definitely try it! I’ve enjoyed all the the Asian dinner type meals I’ve tried and they also have great sushi!!

  2. Chelsea Eats Treats

    Looks like a fantastic weekend! The weather was so gorgeous here, wasn’t it? And OMG Breaking Bad…I’m almost caught up…I think I have 3 more episodes left until I am and I heard they are the craziest ever. Ahh!!

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