Restaurant Review: The Liberty Tavern

Hi everyone! So, I fully planned on posting a new recipe for you today, but Chris and I went out to dinner this week and it was too amazing to go undocumented!!

Chris and I had dinner at The Liberty Tavern in Clarendon on Wednesday to celebrate our two year anniversary! I wasn’t planning on taking pictures or blogging about this dinner because I just wanted to relax and enjoy myself. However, after the first bite of our appetizer I knew I needed to share the experience you all!

To start the evening off, our server brought us an assortment of bread. The yeast rolls were incredibly soft and so fluffy that I didn’t even need to add butter! I


We chose a small order of the skillet roasted PEI mussels as an appetizer. Oh my gosh you guys. These were amazing!!! The sauce was a smokey tomato sauce, which reminded me of a really good and creamy tomato soup. It was AWESOME! This was also the moment when I decided to blog– we hated the mussels, can’t you tell??!

20130912-175610.jpgWednesday night was also Liberty Tavern’s last night of their summer menu so Chris and I ordered items that wouldn’t be around for much longer. Chris ordered the Spaghetti Alla Chitarra, which included homemade tomato sauce made with a pork shortrib ragu and pepperoni. It was also topped with a delicious cheese, but I can’t remember the types… perhaps pecorino? Liberty Tavern makes all their pasta in-house and you could definitely tell. It was incredible, perfectly chewy and very hearty!!

20130912-175602.jpgI chose the beef spareribs, which were served over creamed corn, with fresh corn and a bourbon barbecue sauce. This was truly awesome. The spareribs had a silky consistency and fell apart with a fork. The creamed corn was also a really refreshing contrast and was more polenta-like than creamed corn really. The sauce was also awesome – the perfect amount of flavor to compliment the sweet corn and rich beef. I ate every bite!

20130912-175633.jpgI mentioned to our server that Chris and I were celebrating two years of dating and he surprised us with homemade ice cream!!  We had a trio of chocolate, vanilla, and basil pine nut crunch. Basil Pine Nut Crunch you guys!!!! Sounds so strange, but it was SO GOOD!!! You all know that I’m a chocolate lover, but I can honestly say that the basil ice cream was the superstar of this ice cream bowl. It was so refreshing, almost like a palate cleanser, leaving you feeling satisfied. The basil was perfectly subtle also – not smack you in the face herby. What an awesome last blast of summer!!

Our meal really was incredible and if you’re in the Arlington area, I highly recommend trying out The Liberty Tavern for dinner!! Also ask for Todd as a server if you can, he was awesome!!! Super knowledgeable and friendly!

I hope you all have wonderful weekends!! See you back here on Monday!

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