Weekend Snapshots August 30- September 2, 2013

Hey everyone! I hope you had a nice long holiday weekend and closed out the summer appropriately. Chris and I traveled down to Portsmouth, VA to spend time with his dad, stepmom, sister, brother-in-law, and niece. It was a really fun weekend, and as usual, too short!

We left on Friday night around 7:30. We had dinner in the car from DQ- I had a grilled chicken salad, which was shockingly delicious. DQ had lemon juice packets by the drinks, which I used for dressing instead of the vinaigrette packet. A winner in my book for a “healthy” fast food dinner!


On Saturday morning, Chris’ stepmom made us eggs for breakfast and then we ventured out to the dock to check on the crab pots. Gorgeous views!!!!

After breakfast, we headed down to Virginia Beach to pick up our race day bibs and swag bags at the race expo. It was pretty cool inside, but we resisted the urge to buy anything. It was really tempting!

20130902-215315.jpgA while later we headed to Downtown Portsmouth for lunch. We wanted to get our “carbs” in at lunch for our race the next day. We ended up at Gosport Tavern, which was fabulous!! The crabcakes were full of crab and the mac and cheese was the perfect “carb load” for me! The zucchini was also great, it was cooked in oil and garlic. The mac and cheese even had a little spice, which was a nice touch. I ended up taking some of it with me– big lunch portions!

20130902-215308.jpgChris had corn dogs that were made in house with macaroni and cheese. Another “carb heavy” pre-race meal!

After we got home from lunch, Chris’ sister, brother-in-law, and niece came over. Chris’ sister’s birthday is coming up this week so we celebrated a little and played a lot with his niece, Lia. Happy Birthday, Carter! It was fun to hang out with everyone and enjoy the beautiful afternoon.

We wanted to take it easy on Saturday night so we had dinner at Chris’ dads house and watched college football. Chris’ stepmom made delicious turkey barbecue and green beans that were fresh from their garden! I forgot to take a picture :(. The turkey barbecue was great, she uses turkey tenderloin, which I would have never thought to do! I also loved that the greens beans were homegrown, can’t get much better than that!

20130902-215342.jpgChris and I were up at 4 on Sunday morning to get ready for our race! We made smoothies the night before and added some chia seeks to them Sunday morning, which Chris’ sister was nice enough to drop off on Saturday. Chris’ brother-in-law, Jamon, picked us up at 4:45 and we all headed down to the beach. Jamon was really in the spirit of the Rock ‘n’ Roll half and dressed up as Johnny Cash! Chris and I weren’t so creative.

20130902-215251.jpgHere is Chris and I in our corral. Nervous and excited!! I’m planning on writing up a full race recap post a little later this week, but it was quite an experience. It was super hot and humid (94% humidity!), which did not help matters when running 13.1 miles, but we both finished under 2 hours and 30 minutes, which is really exciting considering it was our first race and that we only trained for 8 weeks!!!

Chris’ dad and stepmom came to cheer us on and took our very sweaty and tired bodies back to Portsmouth to shower and attempt to re-humanize.

20130902-215225.jpgWhile we showered, Chris’ stepmom made us a super delicious lunch. Chicken salad over spinach! The chicken salad was made with olive oil mayo and had all sorts of goodies like green peppers and purple grapes– yum!! Shredded cheddar on top! I ate every last bite and I also enjoyed an ice cold Corona… Recovery drink of champions, no?

We were pretty tired from our race, so we took it really easy on Sunday and watched some of the golf tournament. A little later in the evening some of Chris’ family came over with their new baby! I loved playing with the new born (3 months old!) while everyone caught up. Chris’ stepmom made delicious barbecued ribs and brussel sprouts for everyone. I forgot to take a picture again, sorry!

20130902-215218.jpgI fell asleep super early on Sunday, but not before I found out that one of my friend Erin (and roommate from college) got engaged to her college sweetheart, Rob. Congratulations to you both, Erin and Rob!!! So exited for you both!!!!!

I slept until 10 on Monday… probably at least twelve hours of sleep! I had a bowl of cereal for breakfast and then Chris, his dad, stepmom, and I headed to the driving range! It was a gorgeous day and we had fun hitting balls. I’m not terribly great, but I make a solid effort.

20130902-215213.jpgAfter golf, we headed back to Downtown Portsmouth for lunch at Griff’s. I had the fresh tuna wrap with  homemade chips! This was a great lunch, but I do wish there had been a little more tuna on the wrap. It was definitely high quality though and delicious!

After lunch, we hung out at Chris’ dad’s house for a little while before it was time to head back to DC. We’re always so sad to leave after such a fun weekend away! Luckily traffic wasn’t too terrible and I was able to do some school work while Chris drove.

We made it home around 9:30 and I finished off my leftovers from our lunch on Saturday from Gosport. The crabcake, mac and cheese, and zucchini tasted great and made my life much easier after a long weekend away!

I hope you all had wonderful weekends and that you’re excited for a short week! I’ll be back soon with a Half Marathon recap!!!!

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