Weekend Snapshots August 16-18, 2013

Hello everyone!! Happy Monday!!! My classes start next Monday – wah!!! I’m not quite ready for summer to end – which is why we should reflect on this past weekend!!!

This past weekend, Chris and I traveled to his mom’s house on the Currituck Sound in North Carolina. Due to MASSIVE amounts of traffic, we unfortunately didn’t arrive until midnight and ate in the car — no pictures of that lovely sight.

Saturday was pretty overcast so we took it easy for most of the day. Chris, his brother-in-law, and I headed out for our 9 mile run. Chris’ brother-in-law is running the half marathon too — he’s more experienced though and left us in the dust!



After our run, we were all starving!! Chris’ mom had picked up some Carolina style barbecue, which was SO good. I absolutely love vinegar based barbecue, so this meal really hit the spot. We also had coleslaw, cornbread, chips, cantaloupe, and cherries. I think I may have eaten my weight in cantaloupe this weekend – so refreshing!

We spent the afternoon playing with Lia, Chris’ niece, and playing other games.

20130819-071301.jpgChris’ sister and brother-in-law brought specialty donuts to share with everyone!! They were from O’doodle Doo’s Donuts, which is located in Suffolk, VA. My stomach started grumbling around 3, so I had to try one. This is half of the “Chubby Hubby,”  which was a glazed donut topped with chocolate, caramel, a pretzels. YUM!!! They were really a treat. I also sampled a quarter of the red velvet a little later on in the day — it was just as delicious. If you’re in the Suffolk area – definitely check them out!


We had dinner a little later on. Chris’ mom made a gorgeous salad with butter lettuce, delicious local tomatoes, mushrooms, black olives, and Vidalia onions. I had two servings of this beauty!

20130819-071322.jpgWe also had a delicious deep dish pizza, which was from Costco. There was a ton of cheese, olives, pepperoni, and sausage. This was really decadent, but so good. The crust was super buttery and flaky too. Usually, I’m a two slice kinda gal – but this was so filling one was enough!

We said our goodbyes to Chris’ sister, brother-in-law, and niece; then Chris, his mom, and I watched “The Queen.” I love this movie, but was a little worried about Chris’ thoughts. He liked it a lot though!

20130819-071331.jpgWe woke up on Sunday to a sunny day! Chris’ mom made us a yummy breakfast consisting of Canadian bacon, blueberry bagels, and eggs with peppers. Chris actually made the eggs and did a great job!

20130819-071337.jpgCantaloupe for breakfast dessert! 🙂

20130819-071352.jpgChris and I pulled his mom’s canoe out of the garage and took it for a spin. We had a lot of fun, but our arms were sore from our run the day before!

20130819-071358.jpgWe spent the afternoon basking in the sun and reading on the dock. A perfect afternoon in my opinion!!

20130819-071405.jpgUnfortunately, around 4 we had to hit the road to get back to real life. Before heading out, Chris made us some pimento cheese sandwiches using the same type of pimento cheese I bought here. Quite the southern send off!!

We really had a fabulous weekend and were sad to leave! How was your weekend??

I hope you all have a nice week!


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2 responses to “Weekend Snapshots August 16-18, 2013

  1. Chelsea Eats Treats

    I’ve heard of pimento cheese before, but I can’t imagine it on a sandwich. Is it good? I might have to try this out. Looks like such a fun weekend!

    • It is good! They serve them at the Masters golf tournament every year on white bread haha – super healthy! It kind of reminds me of a cold grilled cheese, but is a little creamier. Definitely a treat, but not something I would eat regularly. I think it would be really great with some thick summer tomato slices!

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