Weekend Snapshots August 9-11, 2013

Monday again! How are you feeling this morning? I’m still wishing it was the weekend, it always seems too short!

This weekend, Chris and I traveled to Ocean City, MD to spend time with my parents. We arrived late in the evening on Friday, so I don’t have any pictures!


On Saturday morning we had a delicious breakfast at the Sea Bay Cafe. It is located in a hotel on right before the Rt. 90 bridge, but it has really great food! I had the breakfast combo which came with eggs, french toast, breakfast potatoes, and super crispy bacon – my favorite! The potatoes were REALLY good, some of them had been cooked to an almost a potato chip crispiness – yum! This was a really great breakfast spot and they move people in and out quickly, which is important for those ready to get on the beach!

We spent the afternoon laying on the beach and reading. I convinced Chris to get in the water with me – it’s still pretty chilly!! Especially for August.

20130812-065858.jpgAround 4:30 we headed to Coconuts for its buy one, get one happy hour!

20130812-065849.jpgA great band was playing so we stayed for awhile to socialize and enjoy the music! We always have such a fabulous time at Coconuts and usually run in to quite a few people we know as well!

20130812-065843.jpgAfter awhile, our stomachs started grumbling so we walked back up the street to seek out dinner!

20130812-065836.jpgA lot of the restaurants still had really long waits, but we were lucky to score a reservation at the nice restaurant at Fagers Island. We started off our meal with the Friend Green Tomato Crab Stack. YUM! This is one of my all-time favorite appetizers. Thick cut fried tomatoes, topped with lump back-fin crabmeat and a light sauce on top. There was not a bite leftover!

20130812-065831.jpgFor dinner, I had the filet and crabcake. The filet was topped with crisp green onions and the crabcake was broiled to perfection! It was the perfect meal and I enjoyed every bite! My mom ordered their famous prime rib, which Chris got to finish off – he declared it the best cut of prime rib he had ever had!

20130812-065822.jpgSunday was pretty overcast, so we enjoyed Sunday Morning over coffee before heading out to breakfast.

20130812-065815.jpgUnfortunately, everyone else seemed to have this idea, because we had to wait quite awhile to eat! When we were finally seated, I ordered the Cream Chipped Beef over toast from Satellite Cafe. It was pretty good, but I wouldn’t say the best ever. I’ve had things I like more from their menu!

We spent Sunday relaxing and my mom and I snuck in a short shopping trip while the boys watched the PGA.

20130812-065754.jpgWe decided to order a quick pizza from Johnny’s Pizza across the street. It was yummy and was a nice send off before Chris and I headed back to DC around 7.

20130812-065743.jpgChris and I did end up making one more pit stop, for homemade ice cream! There is a dairy farm called Vanderwende Farm Creamery that is located in Bridgeville, DE on our drive back. It was definitely crowded, but I am so glad we stopped! We always talk about stopping but never do. They make homemade waffle cones and make all their own ice cream! I had the Peanut Butter Fudge Crunch, which was soooo decadent and delicious!!!

We probably didn’t need it after the pizza, but it was a lovely end to a wonderful summer weekend at the beach!!

I hope you have a great week!


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2 responses to “Weekend Snapshots August 9-11, 2013

  1. Ahh I haven’t been able to get to OC yet this summer 😦 I love Fager’s Island but have never been to Coconuts! I’ll have to try it next time!

    • Yes, you should totally go the next time you make it down there! Buy one get one free happy hour from 5-6 is hard to beat!! They also have awesome orange crushes and grapefruit crushes ;).

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