The Half Marathon Decision

Hi guys!! I have some very exciting news to share with you today! This Labor Day Weekend I will be running my first half marathon, the VA Beach Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon!!!! I am superduper excited and have my first two weeks of training under my belt.

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I’ve been considering running a half marathon for awhile and finally decided that now was the time to act. My friend Kailee asked me to do the DC Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon back in March, but I was worried about training for it while trying to complete assignments for school and applying to internships.

I was a little worried about only having 8 weeks to prepare (I decided last week!), but after looking at Hal Higdon’s training plan per Ashley’s recommendation (and encouragement!) I thought I would be okay. I typically run 3 miles or so 3 to 4 days a week, which is what the beginning of his plan looks like.

So without further ado, here are the questions I asked myself when making the decision:

Why a half marathon?

I’ve always liked to run, but I’ve never really broken into the longer distances, mostly because I didn’t really have a reason to. Plus, I really like the idea of training for something with a  goal in mind and having the schedule to adhere to!

I tried to increase my mileage last summer and ended up with a knee injury because I wasn’t following a training plan and wasn’t properly resting or cross training. Which leads me to…

How do you plan to keep from injuring yourself?

Injury is something I’m definitely concerned about. I plan on icing my knees every night and taking Motrin as needed to help with inflammation. I have also incorporated this delicious anti-inflammatory smoothie into my diet! I sub a scoop (two if its breakfast!) for the almonds and use skim milk until I have the desired consistency. That recipe makes more than enough for both Chris and I.


I’m cross-training on the elliptical and bike. I’d also like to incorporate pilates. From what I’ve read, pilates is good for working the leg muscles that running misses, like the inner thigh. We strength train – squats, lunges, core, and some arm exercises- on Mondays and Thursdays as well.

Why train now? It’s so hot!!

True, it is rather warm, especially in DC. However, I’d much rather run early in the morning and in heat, instead of wearing 6 layers of clothing in the winter. Also, I’d like to train for the first time when I don’t have a ton of work I need to be doing for school. I’ve heard that the second year of law school is less stressful, but I’d like to see for myself before I commit to a 9 mile run on the weekend.

Also the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon looks so fun! There are live bands at every mile and you get into the Third Eye Blind concert that night on the beach. Plus Chris’ dad and stepmom live in Portsmouth, so we are going to spend the weekend with them, which will be fun!

How do you plan on staying hydrated in all this heat?

I bought a Camelbak Charm on closeout!! I was super excited because it was half of the regular price and I have been wanting one forever. I drink a TON of water during the day and while I’m on the treadmill. Therefore, not having easy to carry water was part of the reason why I haven’t branched out into longer distances already. Excuse banished!


I was a little worried about the Camelbak annoying me while we run, but I tested it out on Sunday and it didn’t bother me at all!

How do you plan on tracking your workouts?

I bought a Garmin Forerunner 10 to track my runs. I have also been wanting one of these nifty little watches for some time now, but I just couldn’t justify the cost. Imagine my delight when I realized that I had a gift card set to expire at the end of this month.  Seems like it was meant to be!! I had earned more than enough points (dollars) while I was working at Finnegan through their health incentive program (basically you logged your workouts and gained points).  Anyway, I needed to use it or lose it!! I also had a gift card that I earned attending LexisNexus trainings this past year, which went towards the Camelbak! Woohoo for free new gear!

20130718-130937.jpg(Post Thursday morning’s run – note my new favorite smoothie in the background!)

How do you plan on staying motivated?

Right now I am SUPER EXCITED for this experience, but if that wains, I do have a support system in place. Chris has kindly agreed to train and run the half marathon with me. My sister-in-law and brother might run with us as well! They’re training right now and are going to decide later whether they are going to sign up. I think having a support team is critical to not dropping off and skipping runs.

20130718-131007.jpg(Taking a water break and checking out the Teddy Roosevelt monument on Roosevelt Island)

Having Chris run with me has really been great. It makes it more fun to have a buddy, and I feel a little safer too! We ran at night last week, but this week we woke up extra early (5:30) on Tuesday and Thursday to get our runs in because of the heat wave!!

So anyway that’s where I am right now. I will definitely be keeping you all posted on our progress!


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