Weekend Snapshots June 28-30, 2013


Happy Monday! I hope you all had a nice weekend. Chris and I had a very nice and relaxing weekend. On Friday night, we made a pizza at home and rented Silver Linings Playbook.


Our pizza was great – light mozzarella and thin crust. Plus fresh basil from my new basil plant! Fingers crossed that I can keep it alive.

I absolutely LOVED Silver Linings Playbook. It had a great story line that brought light to a very serious issue while still providing funny and heart warming moments. Plus, J-Law and Bradley Cooper make a pretty awesome duo.


On Saturday, Chris and I spent a lovely two and a half hours at the DMV. The good news is that his car is now registered and his new Virginia license is in the mail — success! After that extremely grueling experience (on empty stomachs) we decided to treat ourselves to lunch at Chef Geoff’s. I had the Tyson’s Burger with Gruyere, wild mushrooms, and grilled onions. It was absolutely wonderful and really hit the spot.

I even convinced Chris to run into Tiffany’s with my after lunch so I could get some new earring backs – a sign of a really great lunch! 🙂


We relaxed at the pool for the rest of Saturday afternoon and read. It was definitely warm out and we had to get in the pool a few times to cool off.

For dinner on Saturday, we had salads and MorningStar Farm’s Veggie Buffalo Wings. Chris and I love these little vegetarian buffalo wings – they have a great flavor and the nutritional facts aren’t too bad!

After dinner, Chris and I headed into DC to be social for a couple hours.


On Sunday morning, I slept late for the first time in awhile, which was awesome! After I woke up, I whipped up some whole wheat blueberry pancakes and turkey sausage. This turned out to be the breakfast of champions and kept me full until dinner!

I spent Sunday cleaning the apartment, doing laundry, going grocery shopping, and getting things in order for the week ahead. All very necessary items and I felt great for being so productive! I even snuck in a treadmill run. Miley Cyrus’ We Can’t Stop, Pitbull’s Feel This Moment, and Florida Georgia Line’s Cruise Remix with Nelly are my current favorite songs to run to.


Chris and I had a super healthy and tasty dinner – chicken lettuce wraps with salsa and roasted vegetables.


Super delicious and easy! I love cooking chicken in the crockpot and usually serve it over rice or in a wrap. I’ve been wanting to do lettuce wraps for awhile, but I never think ahead at the store to buy a head of iceberg. Luckily I thought about it this Sunday!

We will definitely be incorporating this meal into our rotation!


Chris and I had some Funfetti Dip for dessert. SO addictive and still SOOO GOOD! Seriously, if you have not made this dip yet please do it tonight!!

I hope you all have a great and short holiday week!!

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