Weekend Snapshots June 21-23, 2013


Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had a nice weekend. Chris and I had a busy Friday and Saturday and then a very relaxing Sunday – just what the doctor ordered!

On Friday, Chris and I headed to a Nationals game with one of Chris’ work friends. We haven’t been to a game yet this summer and it was the perfect temperature for a ball game so I was very excited!

20130623-210058.jpgThe Nats were playing the Rockies and they won! Always a good feeling. Fun fact – Jason Werth used the Walking Dead and Game of Thrones theme songs for his at bat songs. I guess we watch the same shows!


After the game we headed to Town Hall in Glover Park for a few drinks and for a bite to eat. We were able to avoid the stadium food which I was happy about. I enjoyed an awesome steak salad from Town Hall – sorry the lighting was bad so I had to use my flash… Doesn’t make for great pictures. But it was delicious and made for a much better dinner than a burger and fries at the stadium!


On Saturday, Chris and I headed to an engagement party for one of my best friends from college. The engagement party was so well done and the food was amazing!! Sorry I don’t have any photos! We had a wonderful time and even got some pool time in later in the evening. The fiance’s family  let us sleep over so we could have a good time and not worry about driving back to DC.

On Sunday, Chris and I enjoyed a quiet day at home. He made his famous guacamole for us! It was wonderful as usual!

We shared this while watching Zero Dark Thirty. I was happy to finally get to see the movie and really enjoyed it. I was a little underwhelmed with the ending, but everything else was great!


I also grabbed this dip at Safeway— Oikos is now making dips with Greek yogurt instead of sour cream! Much like my own version of French Onion Dip! This was good – a little runnier than mine, but I would definitely get it again!


Chris and I also watched Pitch Perfect, which came on HBO a little later in the evening. I absolutely LOVED it and cannot wait until the next one comes out. Chris liked it too, which surprised me since there was a lot of singing – I guess the comedy made up for the musical aspects.

We  finished out Sunday with a nice steak dinner, roasted vegetables, and roasted sweet potatoes. We haven’t had a Sunday night steak dinner in quite awhile and it was definitely a nice treat!


We spent the rest of the night relaxing and watched the season finale of Mad Men. Sad that it’s over for the year, but I did like the way that it ended. What did you all think?

Here’s to a great week!

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