Weekend Snapshots June 14-16, 2013

Happy Tuesday! Sorry this installment of Weekend Snapshots is basically two days behind! This past weekend was a busy one and Chris and I didn’t get back into DC until 10 on Sunday so I didn’t have time to write my post. Last night I needed to catch up on laundry and buy groceries to make it through the week. So here we are!

We traveled down to Richmond this past weekend for one of Chris’ best friends weddings. It was truly a beautiful affair and I am sorry to report that I was having too much fun enjoying the festivities and therefore did not take very many pictures.

I do have one from the rehearsal dinner, which just so happens to be my new favorite picture of Chris and me.


The rehearsal dinner was held at the Country Club of Virginia, which featured gorgeous views of the country club and golf course.

On Saturday, Chris and I had breakfast with his friend Peter at the Jefferson Hotel.


I had the incredibly decadent Shrimp and Grits, which was served with eggs over easy on top. I gave the eggs to Chris!


After breakfast, the boys headed to a groomsmen lunch and I shopped in Carytown with Ally – her boyfriend was also at the groomsmen lunch. I loved Carytown and want to go back! There were so many cute shops and restaurants.

The ceremony was held at the historic St. John’s Church. Chris and I went there once last summer to see a Patrick Henry reenactment – Give me Liberty, or Give me Death! (Picture from last year!)


After the ceremony we headed to the reception at the Commonwealth Club. It was a perfect venue for a reception and the food was fantastic! Chris and I danced the night away and had a wonderful time!

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend! Hopefully, I will be back this week with my gazpacho recipe! Stay tuned!

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