Weekend Snapshots July 27-29, 2012


Happy Monday everyone! It’s a very weird Monday for me, my last day of work was Friday so I’m spending today running errands and doing my usual weekend tasks. I don’t think the fact that I am finished working and about to be a student again has really hit me yet! I’m sure it will as soon as I’m up to my neck in law school reading. Anyway, since Friday was my last day, my boss surprised my team and I with cupcakes to celebrate and say goodbye! I had a chocolate cupcake at work, and let Chris enjoy the red velvet beauty in the photo above when I got home. They were HUGE cupcakes from a store called Edibles Incredible in the Reston Town Center. It was such a treat and I was very thankful. Sad to say goodbye and move on to the next phase of my life, but I’m excited at the same time!

On Saturday Chris and I were up early to see The Dark Knight Rises in IMAX. The movie was wonderful!!!! I think I may have enjoyed it even more than the second one! If you haven’t gotten a chance to see it yet, I highly recommend seeing it in theaters so you can get the full effect! After the movie Chris, his friend Richard who joined us for the movie, and I grabbed a late lunch a Martin’s Tavern in Georgetown. Martin’s is a fun little restaurant, Chris and I went on our second date there! JFK also proposed there many years ago. Anyway, history lesson over! Lunch was really good, I ordered the Cobb salad without blue cheese (I’m not a huge fan).  It was a great salad and didn’t leave me feeling gross for the rest of the afternoon.


Chris and I took it easy for most of the day on Saturday and watched some of the Olympics. I’m a big Ryan Lotche fan, speaking of which, has anyone seen the Ryan Lotche/Phelps “Call Me Maybe” video? Nothing against Phelps, but it’s a pretty hysterical video!

Later in the evening, we headed to dinner with a few of Chris’ guy friends at Mintwood Place in Adam’s Morgan. I loved the ambiance in the restaurant, the booth we were seated at was really cozy with lots of fun bright pillows. We split the Escargot Hush Puppies and Blistered Shishito Peppers to start. Both were really delicious, the escargot were chopped up and mixed into the hush puppy batter, so they weren’t super noticeable. I enjoyed both, but probably the peppers a little more! For dinner I had the Cast-iron Amish Chicken. Part of my chicken was a little pink, which I ate around. It is apparently brined for a few days so the pink is okay to eat. Besides that one issue, the chicken was flavored really well, and I really enjoyed my dinner. Chris got a burger which was also very good!! Sorry, the pictures were too dark to post! Guess we’ll just have to go back!

On Sunday, I met my friend Lauren for brunch at Town Hall in Glover Park. I had the Glover Park which is a three egg omelet filled with ham, mushrooms, onion, tomatoes, and brie cheese. I’m a sucker for brie cheese and loved this omelet! Lauren and I enjoyed our brunch and decided to stick around and socialize for awhile. Her roommate Jenn and Jenn’s boyfriend Kent decided to join us a little later in the afternoon for a drink. Turns out our bartender is going to be a 3L at American this year, what a small world!


A little later in the evening we walked back to Lauren and Jenn’s house where Jenn and Kent were busy  making dinner! They made enough for all four of us, steak, chicken, caprese salad, and corn on the cob! Yum!! It was a perfect summer dinner and a wonderful way to end the weekend.


I hope your weekend treated you well, and that you’re ready to say goodbye to July and move into August this week! Can’t believe it!

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One response to “Weekend Snapshots July 27-29, 2012

  1. Chelsea Eats Treats

    Wow I can’t believe it was your last day!! One of my coworkers had her last day on Friday as well and she is off to law school at University of Kentucky. It’s a big change for sure, but it will be good for you! Other than that it looks like you had an amazing weekend 🙂

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