Weekend Snapshots June 29-July 1, 2012

Happy Monday!! I hope everyone made it through the storms and excessive heat this weekend! We lost power at my building on Friday night, but it was back on by Saturday afternoon. Thank goodness! Before the storms hit on Friday night, Chris took me out to dinner at Medium Rare to celebrate that I will be attending law school at American University this fall!

Medium Rare has a prix fixe menu with three courses. The first course was a rustic bread and butter, which was fantastic! I love good crusty loaves of bread. The next course was a simple salad that had a really wonderful dressing. It had a bit of a tang. I think it was made with champagne vinegar, and maybe some anchovies, too.

Next, the Main Event! Cullote Steak and Frites covered in Medium Rare’s secret sauce. The steak was prime rib quality, and the frites were thin and crisp. The secret sauce was really the main event, though. I would love to tell you the ingredients, but I have no idea!

Chris and I were still hungry after we finished our steaks, and began to discuss dessert. Then, a waiter appeared with a skillet holding another portion of steak and frites for both of us! They also brought a little container of sauce, which I started dipping my fries in. Seriously you guys, the sauce is where it’s at! After our second helpings of steak, we were both pretty stuffed. But then the storm blew in, and we wanted to wait it out. So, obviously we had to have their house specialty, the hot fudge sundae.

Oh man. It had been awhile since my last hot fudge sundae, and this was to die for. There were nuts, chocolate covered toffee pieces, and a whole lotta fudge and whipped cream on top of vanilla ice cream. It was heavenly to say the least! Once we were stuffed, we paid the bill and headed out into the storm to Chris’ apartment, crossing our fingers that the power would stay on!

Luckily, Chris only lost his phone and internet connection, but not his power. So, fortunately we didn’t melt in the heat! We ventured out to Whole Foods Saturday afternoon for some lunch. I love their salad bar! I loaded up on olives and artichokes, then had a salad, some baked chicken, and wasabi peas.

After we ate, my roommate informed me that we had power again at my building, so I ventured home to tackle some laundry. I also made pimento cheese for a cookout at my friend Lauren’s later that night.

The Pimento Cheese recipe will be posted soon!

I headed to Lauren’s around 7:30.  The pimento cheese was a hit! Her roommate Jenn made avocado toast as the other appetizer. It was quite a treat, too! Meanwhile, Lauren’s boyfriend Pat was hard at work on the grill. He had marinated some Delmarva Chicken earlier in the day for us. He also made a potato salad, and Lauren prepared a caprese salad. This was a fantastic dinner!

Sunday morning came too quickly — doesn’t it always?? I had Greek yogurt with a drizzle of honey, and some Go Lean Crunch sprinkled on top for breakfast.

I headed to the store to get some food for dinner, and then whipped up another batch of pimento cheese so Chris could have some.  After finishing the cheese, I put some pork loin in the crock pot to slow cook for dinner. I also chopped up some cucumbers to soak in vinegar, and made a batch of coleslaw.

After all my dinner prep, I sat down to relax for a while, and watch some golf with Chris. Exciting! 🙂 But it wasn’t too terrible since they were playing at Congressional up in Bethesda!


Dinner was served around 7:30, and was delicious! I’m going to post the pulled pork recipe for you all to try out soon. I hope everyone made it through the weekend safely, and are looking forward to the 4th this Wednesday!!


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3 responses to “Weekend Snapshots June 29-July 1, 2012

  1. Chelsea Eats Treats

    YAYYYY!!!! Congrats on AU!!! One of my friends will be attending in the fall as well. It will be hard but you can do it 🙂 So happy for you!

    • Thanks so much!! I’m super excited to start! Maybe your friend and I will have some classes together, is it the friend you worked with?

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