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Weekend Snapshots July 27-29, 2012


Happy Monday everyone! It’s a very weird Monday for me, my last day of work was Friday so I’m spending today running errands and doing my usual weekend tasks. I don’t think the fact that I am finished working and about to be a student again has really hit me yet! I’m sure it will as soon as I’m up to my neck in law school reading. Anyway, since Friday was my last day, my boss surprised my team and I with cupcakes to celebrate and say goodbye! I had a chocolate cupcake at work, and let Chris enjoy the red velvet beauty in the photo above when I got home. They were HUGE cupcakes from a store called Edibles Incredible in the Reston Town Center. It was such a treat and I was very thankful. Sad to say goodbye and move on to the next phase of my life, but I’m excited at the same time!

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Summer Vegetable Pie

One of the reasons I love summer is because all my favorite vegetables are in season. I love to roast squash and zucchini year round, but sometimes you just need to switch things up! I was inspired by a gratin on Kath’s blog, but didn’t want to add a ton of cheese to my vegetable side. Luckily, my experiment worked! This is definitely my new favorite way to enjoy summer veggies!

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Chicken Fajitas

Chicken fajitas are delicious and easy to make. I love making fajitas for dinner because they’re filling and chock full of veggies. However, I’m usually content to just dice up the chicken and cook it in the skillet right along with the vegetables and a packet of taco seasoning. There is nothing wrong with that method, but these chicken fajitas kick my taco packet fajitas in the behind.

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Weekend Snapshots July 20-22, 2012

Monday, Monday, Monday! I hope everyone had a nice weekend! I had a pretty quiet weekend myself, Chris has been preparing for the Virginia Bar Exam which is coming up this week, so I laid low with him for most of the weekend. On Friday night, we decided to order dinner in from Piola. While we waited for our pizza to arrive, I threw together a salad for each of us using up some ingredients which were leftover from the week in my refrigerator. Spinach, carrots, cucumbers, hard boil eggs, fresh mozzarella from last weekend’s caprese salad, and grilled chicken from chicken fajitas that I made earlier this week. Fajita recipe coming this week!

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Lightened Up Chicken Piccata

I decided to make Chicken Piccata for dinner the other night because I had a few lemons near the end of their lives in my crisper drawer. I was originally going to make it sans breading, but a short text conversation with Chris confirmed that breadcrumbs would be involved. I managed to keep things on the lighter side though by using a minimal amount of butter, no wine, and just a little olive oil spray. We were very satisfied with the results!

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Spicy Lemon and Garlic Shrimp

I have a simple and quick recipe for you all today! Easy dinners are the best, especially after a long hot summer day! I made this Spicy Lemon and Garlic Shrimp on a whim when I was feeling too lazy for an involved dinner, and it has become a fast favorite! I’ve made this twice using precooked shrimp, but you could use raw as well.

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Weekend Snapshots July 13-15, 2012

Monday again! Monday always seems to come too quickly, doesn’t it? I had great weekend visiting with family and spending time with some great friends. On Friday evening, I had plans to meet my friend Caley and her boyfriend Robbie at Truckaroo. Truckaroo is a festival down near the National’s Stadium in Southeast DC. All of the popular food trucks in DC park inside of the Fairgrounds, and serve up their specialities from 11-11 on select Fridays during the summer. They also showcase live bands and serve alcohol, at National’s Stadium prices, mind you!

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