Weekend Snapshots June 15-17, 2012


Happy Monday everyone!! We’re off to a gray and rainy start in DC, but at least we had glorious weather this past weekend! On Friday night, Chris and I wanted to take it easy, so we just headed to dinner at Piola, which is a fancy little pizza place a few blocks away from my apartment. We started off with the Peperonata Palmi, which reminded me a lot of my ratatouille! It’s basically a stew of sweet peppers, zucchini, onion, and tomato, but served with corn chips! It was definitely an interesting presentation that I never would have thought to do.

We split the Lipsia pizza, which was a white pizza on a very thin crust. It was topped with shrimp, broccoli, garlic, fresh tomatoes, and mozzarella cheese. It was super light, and didn’t leave me feeling stuffed like some other pizzas do. It was a good choice, and fun to try something different. But, I think we’ll stick to tomato sauce next time, as Chris and I both enjoy the “traditional” pizza a little more!


After dinner, we headed back to my apartment and watched “Despicable Me.” It’s an animation, starring the voices of Steve Carell, Jason Segel, Russell Brand, and Kristen Wiig, among others. I loved it! It was really funny, and very well done, a great pick for children and adults!

My parents came into town on Saturday, to celebrate Father’s Day. I was happy to have them here on such a nice weekend! For lunch, my Mom, Dad, brother, and I headed over to Rockland’s Barbeque in Arlington, per my brother’s request. I love their pulled pork, so I couldn’t resist ordering a sandwich! The sandwich platters come with two sides, and I chose the cucumber salad and collard greens. Both were delicious, and went along well with the pork! I ended up just eating the pork with a fork, because it was overflowing on the bun!


With full stomachs, my Mom, Dad, and I headed back to my apartment, and then walked over to the Georgetown Waterfront (again!). We went back to Sequoia, because we think it has the best view of the Potomac.


It was pretty busy, but nowhere near as crazy as the time we came before

We hung out and people watched before heading over to Sea Catch for dinner. Chris met up with us at Sea Catch, and the four of us had a wonderful meal! My Dad, Chris, and I split the Steamed Shellfish Sampler, which includes Chesapeake oysters, clams, and mussels, all steamed with white wine, garlic and herbs! It was a great appetizer, and a nice change from the raw oysters we often order. I had the scallops and mushroom risotto for dinner, it’s my favorite! Chris had the soft-shell crabs, my Dad ordered the Seafood Linguini, and my Mom had the Surf & Turf. There wasn’t a bad meal in the bunch! Pictures didn’t come out due to the lighting :(.

Sunday morning, we celebrated Father’s Day over brunch. My Dad, Mom, Chris, and I met my brother and his wife at the Arlington Diner, which is a little Greek restaurant right around the corner from my brother’s apartment. We eat breakfast here pretty often, and it’s always great! I usually get an omelet, but was in the mood to switch things up, so I decided on the cream chipped beef. I was not disappointed, it was great! After breakfast, we said our goodbyes, and the Chris and I headed back to my place.


I cranked out some laundry while Chris worked. Around three, two of Chris’ friends, Reilly and Lizzy, came over and the four of us headed down to the pool to enjoy the rest of the afternoon. It was great to relax with friends, but we got a little chilly when the sun hid behind the clouds! Reilly wanted to grill out for dinner back at his house, so Chris and I caught a ride to Glover Park with them. Chris and I grabbed some pre-marinated Italian Herb chicken breasts from Whole Foods, which Reilly cooked up for us! He also made some delicious yukon gold rosemary potatoes, and a zucchini, squash, and grape tomato skillet with crushed red pepper and Parmesan cheese.

Reilly’s a great cook, and this meal was fantastic! We even have some leftover chicken to munch on later this week, always a plus! I hope you were able to enjoy this past weekend, and Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads out there!


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4 responses to “Weekend Snapshots June 15-17, 2012

  1. I am a sucker for barbecue and now I think I’m drooling a little bit over your picture! It looks delicious!

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