Weekend Snapshots June 1-3, 2012


Happy Monday! I hope you all enjoyed the first weekend of June. Chris and I had a fantastic weekend, we spent Friday in DC, and then traveled down to Richmond on Saturday. On Friday night, we braved the thunderstorms rolling through the area to have dinner at Pizzeria Paradiso in Georgetown. I had dined there once before with my friend Lauren, so I knew the food would be great, and wanted Chris to try it out. We started our meal off with a delicious salad, shown above. It’s the Insalata Italiana, mixed greens topped with marinated artichokes, white beans, sundried tomatoes, and Parmesan cheese. This was a great beginning to our meal! I would absolutely recommend it to anyone dining there, and would order it again in the future.

They serve olives on the side while you wait for your meal, this was bowl number two for Chris and me.


Our pizza arrived quickly! We ordered the Atomica, which is topped with fresh tomatoes, salami, black olives, red pepper flakes, and fresh mozzerella. This pizza was fantastic, the salty olives and salami paired nicely with the mozzerella, and the red pepper flakes added the perfect amount of heat for me. Chris added even more red pepper to his slices!


On Saturday morning, Chris and I packed up and headed down to Richmond to spend time with his mom, and to attend an engagement party! Before we left, I made brunch to tide us over. I had scrambled eggs with green pepper and cheddar cheese, with some turkey bacon, and an english muffin. Chris had a similar plate, only with eggs over easy, and an extra slice of bacon.


We made it to Richmond safely, and had so much fun celebrating at the engagement party.

On Sunday Chris, his mom, and I ventured out around the city, and ended up stopping by St. John’s Church. The Second Virginia Convention of March 1775 took place here, which was when Patrick Henry gave his “Give me Liberty, or Give me Death” speech. We were just going to walk around the church, but there was a reenactment scheduled, so we stayed to watch.  The reenactment very well done, and it was nice to take in a little history prior to heading home!

Before hitting the road back to DC, the three of us went to Buz and Ned’s to grab a bite to eat. We each ordered a pork barbeque sandwich, I devoured mine! Pork barbeque is one of my all-time favorites, and Buz and Ned definitely know what they’re doing!


It was certainly a fun-filled weekend, and I hope yours was just as wonderful as mine!


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