Weekend Snapshots April 27-29, 2012

Sorry this installment of Weekend Snapshots is late!

This past weekend Chris and I traveled to Apalachicola, Florida for a wedding! We didn’t make it back to the DC area until late Sunday night, which is why this post is a day behind.

Apalachicola was beautiful! We had a fantastic time, and ate some wonderful seafood. Unfortunately I didn’t snap any photos of the food, but here are some shots from our trip.

We had a rental car to drive from Panama City to Apalachicola. We rode in style,  minivan style that is!

Mexico Beach, which is in between Panama City and Apalachicola, from the mini.

Chris and I at the rehearsal dinner at the Owl Cafe.

View of the Gulf of Mexico from the beach on St. George Island.

Chris and I after the wedding ceremony which took place on the beach on St. George Island.

We had a phenomenal time, and wish we were able to stay longer! Unfortunately we had to get back to the grind. Hope you had a nice weekend!

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