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Favorite Roasted Vegetables

If there is one thing you should know about me, it is that I l-o-v-e roasted vegetables. I have been known to eat an entire pan of them for dinner, and am not ashamed one bit. They are so easy and versatile, and are ready in 20-25 minutes! I try to pick vegetables that are in season, but my all-time favorite combination is zucchini, yellow squash, red peppers, green peppers, broccoli, and red onion. I sometimes substituteĀ  artichoke hearts for the broccoli when I can find a good deal on them.

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Brown Sugar and Balsamic Glazed Pork Loin

I made this the other night for the boyfriend and I, and man was it good! I saw this recipe on Pinterest and immediately knew it was a meal Chris and I would both love. Not only was it incredibly delicious, but also so easy! I was a little worried when I was making it because I didn’t read the comments onĀ  Christina’s post until after I had already bought my pork loin. She used pork tenderloin in her recipe, and some readers who used regular pork loin said theirs’ had come out too dry, or had to be sliced instead of falling apart. I also knew I was going to be cooking my meat for much longer than the recommended 6-8 hours because I was meeting Chris downtown at Bayou for an appetizer before coming home and having dinner, which did not help my “dried out pork” concerns. However, this recipe could not have been more wonderful. The meat was falling apart just how I wanted and was incredibly moist. I think the pork loin was perfect for the amount of time mine needed to cook. If you want to make this meal in a shorter amount of time, then I would recommend going with the pork tenderloin instead, and only using half of amount of water indicated below.

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Homemade Whole Wheat Italian Breadcrumbs

I came up for this breadcrumb recipe, when I saw that I had some bread nearing the end of its life in my pantry. I had set out to make Chicken Parmesan, and was originally planning on just grilling the chicken. However, when I eyed the bread leftover from a French Toast experiment, I decided to put my new Cuisinart food processor to the test. It did not disappoint! Making my own breadcrumbs was incredibly easy, and I will continue to make them myself instead of buying them at the store in the future. If you don’t own a food processor these can also be made in a blender, or just throw everything into a big zip-lock bag and roll over it with a rolling pin until you have your desired consistency!

I only ended up using half of the breadcrumbs in this recipe for my Chicken Parmesan. The leftovers can be stored in a zip-lock bag in the freezer until you’re ready to use them again!

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Lightened Up Chicken Parmesan

I have a tendency to walk into the kitchen with an idea for a meal, look in my refrigerator and pantry and then just go with the flow. That’s exactly what happened with this Lightened Up Chicken Parmesan recipe. I originally thought I’d just grill the chicken, but then I saw that I had some bread which was nearing the end of its life, so I decided to try my hand at homemade Italian bread crumbs. I was also planning on serving this with a very small portion of pasta, only one cup for two servings, but my lovely (hungry) boyfriend quickly informed me that was definitely not enough pasta. So instead of a side salad we tripled the amount of pasta. Healthy.The best part about this meal is that you can prepare the chicken and sauce all in the same skillet, making for an easier clean-up. This is a very simple week night meal and is ready in 30-45 minutes!

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